Wesleyan Student Published In New York Times

Lindsay Abrams ’12 wrote a piece for the “Modern Love” column in the New York Times Sunday Styles section. Check it out here.

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4 thoughts on “Wesleyan Student Published In New York Times

  1. CE

    I loved this article, and only after I started reading did I realized it was written by a fellow Wes alumni – what a treat! (and oh, the woefully romantic Wesleyan relationship memories it brought back…) I maintain a blog M-F where I link to articles I enjoy (and then write a short accompanying blurb) and plan on linking to this Linday’s article this Thurs (July 14)! http://onbeingunrelated.blogspot.com/  Nice writing, Lindsay Abrams!

  2. EJ

    incredible! congratulations, what an amazing accomplishment!

    my grandmother showed me the article (without realizing the wesleyan connection) because i have had a similar experience. not only did i feel proud to read the caption “Lindsay Abrams is a senior at Wesleyan University,” but i gained a new and insightful perspective on the confusing experience of falling in love–or, as my mom says, “meeting the one”– too young.

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