Wesleying’s Dear Leader Schonfeld Documented by Wesleyan Connection

Greetings from Middletown, sparse but avid readers!

Just a quick info-drop: The Wesleyan Connection recently posted a write-up on our most esteemed commander-in-chief Zach Schonfeld ’13, giving a play-by-play of his Olin Fellowship/History Channel-funded Americana exploits.

Schonfeld, in all his skinny-jeaned furrowed-brow intensity, is on an odyssey throughout the country visiting presidential birthplaces and other related historical sites, where he promptly harasses the locals and on-site experts and then proceeds to blog about it beneath the banner “I Visit Presidential Birthplaces.”

You can follow Schonfeld’s invasion of presidential households here.

And you can read the Wesleyan Connection’s write-up here.

I hope your season is going swell, Weskids! Now go get them mo mo’s.

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4 thoughts on “Wesleying’s Dear Leader Schonfeld Documented by Wesleyan Connection

  1. Elizabeth Wojnar

    Zach, this is fantastic!!! My childhood vacations were pretty much visiting battle sites and homes of presidents and authors.  I highly recommend a Roosevelt double hit, Long Island (Teddy) and Hyde Park, NY (FDR – also home to the last drive-in movie theater in NY State, I’ve been told).

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