PR: Wes No Longer Weird

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here.  The new 2012 Princeton Review College Rankings are out!  So wipe away those tears of joy, and actually take a look at the ratings.  You’re probably wondering what we ranked as this year.  Maybe #15 Reefer Madness and #11 Least Religious Students like we did in 2009? How about #13 Birkenstock-Wearing, Tree-Hugging, Clove-Smoking Vegetarians and #16 Least Religious Students like in 2010?  At least #10 Best College Library and #19 Best College Theater like in 2011, right?

Wrong.  We’re not reefer-mad, politically active liberal vegetarians with awesome acting skills in a luxurious library anymore.  We’re not any one of those things.   Wesleyan did not rank in the top 20 in any of these categories we performed so well in previously, but we do have a new honor.  We can thank Middletown for this one, because Wesleyan is now…

#18 in Town-Gown Relations are Strained

Those freaking townies, they finally did something good for Wesleyan!  Next time you walk down the street and pass one, thank hir before you make that “ugh, annoying idiot” face and walk away with your chin up.  If you want solace for not being a cool clove-smoker though, read last year’s post full of denials, and then:

  • Smoke cloves while hugging trees while wearing Birkenstocks
  • Forget to go the synagogue for once
  • Vote Giant Joint in the Republican Presidential Primaries
  • Go to a Democracy Matters meeting
  • Don’t be Mytheos (dear Class of 2015, learn the reference)
  • Go to the library (clothes optional)
  • Create alternatives to Blipdar
  • Drop some gender-neutral pronouns in quotidian conversation
  • Act like you don’t care about any of this

As with last year, maybe the Princeton Review rankings are worthless and don’t matter, but Keep Wes Weird!

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15 thoughts on “PR: Wes No Longer Weird

  1. Serbian

    damn, reading these comments (other than anwar’s) made me remember what i hate about wesleyan

  2. anonymous '14

    Seriously? “Those freaking townies”? I can’t believe you actually used that derogatory phrase. This is a two-way relationship, and you’re blaming the other half.  Want to change the rankings?  Try “Middletown residents” next time you put your words on the internet.

  3. anon '12

    Wesleyan has it’s own negligent policies as well as self-involved students to blame for the poor state of our relationship with Middletown. Frankly, it’s one of the things that has disturbed me the most as a student here. The tone of this post is only contributing to the problem….come on, Wesleying

      1. anon '12

        by putting the emphasis of the hate/bad relationship on Middletown residents, you omit the fact that we as students do plenty to contribute to the tension, and generally ignore our own responsibility as Middletown citizens ourselves. We aren’t just “Wesleyan Students,” we are a part of a community that distrusts us and our privilege, or at least the privileges they perceive since of course not all Wes students are silver spoon-fed. I just think that your language and approach to this subject (see Anon’s quote below) falls into those traps.

          1. Anonymous

            I definitely understand that Syed was being sarcastic, but also definitely understand why that wasn’t obvious to (semi)anonymous commenters. Pretty much everyone already knows that Wesleying bloggers are, by and large, the most racist, classist, insensitive and backwards rich white males on campus. Perhaps we could direct our anger away from pointing out the obvious and towards the less intuitive step of discussing/promoting methods to deal with our Middletown issues.

            (Anon ’12, you’ve gone above and beyond the call of blog commenting by actually following up with a very reasonable explanation of why you had a problem with Syed’s post; so the above is not really directed at you.)

  4. Anonymous

    Wesleyan is at a turning point now, and perhaps instead of having an inferiority complex about its reputation (which is the biggest demon my alma mater now has), perhaps you could search for a new reputation, a new image, instead of trying to enshrine cultures of yesteryear that no one in the Class of 2015 will care about.

    The “weird” Wesleyan during my years has been a minority culture. I think that it has almost always been this way. It will get smaller if the inferiority complex continues.

    But the worst thing you can do to kill a weird Wesleyan is to pretend that the Wesleyan culture is one consistent culture, instead of a patchwork of many. As your post proves, it is VERY easy to do this.

    The Wesleyan I know, luckily, is a movable feast.

  5. Anon

    “Those freaking townies, they finally did something good for Wesleyan!”

    Since the Princeton Review College Rankings are based upon student survey data, I would think we should thank Wes Students for badmouthing local residents for our ranking.

    1. Zach

      That doesn’t necessarily mean Wesleyan students are “badmouthing local residents,” or that “crazy townies” are just looking for trouble. Mostly it just means there are clearly strained relations between Wesleyan and Middletown that both sides have addressed and should continue to work towards improving.

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