Sky Stallbaumer ’12 and a small crew of dedicated bloggers have worked hard this summer to completely revamp the Aural Wes website. The new Aural Wes includes myriad new features and improvements on old ones that seek to make the site a user friendly and informative platform for Wesleyan’s uniquely vital music scene.

The website has been divided into six sections for maximum accessibility and clarity. The sections are as follows: What’s On Campus//Calendar//For Concert Bookers//Contacts//For Agents//FAQs. It should perhaps be evident that these sections aren’t geared exclusively towards students on campus, but for concert promoters, outside bands, agents etc.

What’s On Campus

The WOC section contains the subdivisions, “Bands” and “Old Friends”, as well as a section homepage displaying various articles.

  • The “Bands” page contains a comprehensive list of every band and DJ current attending Wesleyan and performing on campus. Clicking on a band will reveal the band’s self-written bio as well as links to their Facebook/Myspace or a select song or two. This page isn’t stagnant. If you start a band, email Aural Wes with your relevant information and get your own page.

  • “Old Friends” consists of a growing library of information on alumni bands, with bios and audio samples similar to the “Bands” page. The amount of content this section will eventually have is pretty staggering.


  • This page is pretty self-explanatory. It consists of a regularly updated list of events around campus, highlighting the artist, venue, and start time. “Calendar” should be particularly helpful for both organizing y’alls busy attendance schedules and making sure there is as little overlap as possible among the events y’all are planning.

For Concert Bookers

  • This section intends to make booking shows as straightforward as possible. Beneath the header there are links to pages that include instructions on how to plan concerts, a page with information regarding the most active concert booking groups on campus and the email addresses of their primary contacts, and links to important concert booking paperwork.


The front page of the “Contacts” section consists of a submission area where students can write to the Aural Wes staff and inform them of their event or query. The three subsections are as follows:

  • “Concert Committee Contacts”- Contains the email addresses of current CC members.
  • “School Admin Contacts”- Our administrative homies who give us $$$ and stuff.
  • “Venue Contacts”- A list of venues on campus with the emails of the people who run them. The information provided on the venues is a great little touch. The notes accurately describe the vibe of the venue while considering its concert booking potential. For example, on the Freeman Athletic Center:

“This venue is too expensive, sounds terrible, and requires heaps of additional costs from sound equipment rental to outside security fees. It has also played host to two of the worst shows in recent memory.

More importantly, if you’re trying to bring in a band that necessitates this venue, the chances are incredibly high that you will start a culture war on campus and everyone will blame you for it.

Never, ever do this.”

For Agents

The “For Agents” section is actually quite important to read for anyone interested in booking a band. The section contains information ranging from how the Wesleyan Student Activities bureaucracy works, to directions to the school.


If you still have questions after siphoning through the huge amount of information contained on this website , go here.


Suffice to say, the new website looks freaking incredible. Everyone involved (full disclosure: this author made some minor contributions) should give themselves a big pat on the back. The site is meant to be EVERYONE’S site: updated constantly and filled with user submitted content. Ideally, the site’s staff’s primary job is to merely organize and manage the contributed information. Fundamentally, Wesleyan’s music scene is about students supporting each other and our creative legacy. The new Aural Wes site should serve as a reflection of that principle.

I’m particularly intrigued by the “For Concert Bookers” section. With the information available, there is little excuse for anyone who believes that certain genres or scenes are under-represented on campus to not make immediate, tangible changes. The tools are there, all you have to do now is give a shit.

IN TOTALLY RELEVANT NEWS: MGMT recently got pelted by shoes on stage at the Nike US Open of Surfing. Guitarist James Richardson wanted the crowd to go crazy, and demonstrate that craziness by…throwing their left shoe. Doesn’t make any sense, but the band took their regrettable command in a fashion respectable enough to make any Wesleyan student proud.

UPDATE: Credit MUST be given to website designer Mark Hellerman. Mr. Hellerman has been designing websites for a very long time and was the programmer behind Shining Hope For Communities‘ website. He has a few more projects in the works that will be revealed in due time. Thanks Mark!

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