2015: Triple the Fun

“The station wagons arrived at noon, a long shining line that coursed through the west campus. . . .” —DeLillo, White Noise

Hear that rumbling?

It’s the week of Bed, Bath & Beyond splurges and roommate “fridge 4 microwave” backroom dealings. In less than a week, the station wagons descend on Andrus and over 800 wide-eyed freshpersons swarm the vegan section. Next Wednesday, the biggest freshman class in Wesleyan history (817, at last count) arrives on campus. (International Student Orientation, if you’re keeping track, starts three days earlier, on the 28th.)

What this means for 2015 with regard to housing and such, then, is simple. No more spacious Fauver doubles. No more luxurious Clark corner rooms. 2015 is the year of the forced triple. Double the roommates, double the fun, guys.

In recent years, triples have been limited to the largest rooms in the Butts, swallowing up 11 dorm rooms in the Class of 2013 and about 30 (or 90 students) in the Class of ’14. (2012 is the only class in recent years to have been spared triples entirely, lucky bastards.) This fall, well over a quarter of the freshman class will be living large with two roommates. The most drastic change will be Fauver—previously all double rooms, the six-year-old dorm is now mostly tripled—but also includes newly tripled rooms in the Butts, Clark corner rooms (four on each floor, or sixteen total), and that one ginormous room in WestCo (is it 2111?). Nics and 200 Church remain the same.

It’s not all bad, though. Tripled frosh will be receiving a solid $375 in compensation money, deposited as a lump sum—plus the standard GRS point adjustment and promise of detripling as soon as rooms become available. And if meeting other frosh is on your first semester to-do list (hint: it probably should be), where better than in your room? The good news is you’ll have two roommates. The bad news is you’ll have two roommates. (Fauver’s getting more washers and driers to accommodate the flood, but no word on how the dorm’s already notorious noise level and puke-filled sinks will respond. And what’s the point of a GRS point adjustment when half the class is getting one?)

ResLife has posted its own “Triple Information Sheet,” which combines photos of the rooms themselves with testimonies from tripled ’14 students.  “Having two roommates meant a balance of personalities and a great way to make friends,” explains Lucy Britt ’14. Christina Norris ’14 concurs:  “the only thing that separates a triple from a double is the extra companionship.” Meanwhile, reactions on the WesAdmits2015 Facebook group have been generally positive. “could be so much worse,” notes one optimistic frosh. “we coulda gotten singles.” “Also,” replies another, “living in a triple is a great way to enhance your friend group and decrease expenses as you can split things like microwaves, fridges, tvs, cable and food. and costco memberships.” Right on.

If you’re an incoming frosh, it’s possible that you’re starting to get moderately freaked out this week, and it’s possible that your fears go deeper than having two roommates instead of one. This one’s from the blogspot days: “If you’re an incoming freshman, what are you most afraid of? If you’re a veteran of orientation, what were you most afraid of?” Reply in the comments.

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PS: here is a satirical email home from an excited Wesleyan freshman. It is amusing, and fictional. You may enjoy it here.

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9 thoughts on “2015: Triple the Fun

    1. co

      depends on if you have a one-room double, two-room double, or a single. you should definitely have enough.

    2. guest

      There are cool built-in closets in most of the WestCo rooms, if I remember correctly and the beds all can be adjusted to be about 3 feet or so off the ground, so you can store more there!

  1. undecided

    “could be so much worse,” notes one optimistic frosh. “we coulda gotten singles.”

  2. englishmajor

    A+ for the delillo quote. my summer reading list just got trumped by my fall re-reading list.

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