Irene Damage Report

Irene was demoted from hurricane to tropical storm shortly before reaching Connecticut, but the storm still made its presence known in good old Middletown—knocking down trees from Pearl to Main Street, destroying an entire porch on Hunting Hill, and leaving about 40% of the city’s residents without power.

Meanwhile, throughout Connecticut, one person died from a storm-related fire in Prospect, a canoeist remains missing, and houses in East Haven have been destroyed or washed away from the wind and rain, reports the Middletown Press.

The Middletown Eye blog provides the best overall survey of damage throughout Middletown, but for a glimpse at damage @ Wes, check out the photo album below courtesy of Micah Wylde ’12. Nothing bad enough to prevent campus from reopening tomorrow (and an unfortunately abbreviated International Student Orientation, if all goes well), but there is what appears to be a casual house fire situation on Vine.

[nggallery id=73]

EDIT: Micah adds this clarification regarding the fire situation:

It was a tree in the middle of Vine st. I couldn’t  really tell, but it looked like it hit a power line and combusted. The nearby houses were evacuated, the power lines shut down and then the  fire fighters put it out. It didn’t look like there was damage to the  nearby houses, but I wasn’t very close.

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6 thoughts on “Irene Damage Report

      1. Syed

        Many of those trees were already removed this summer, so just imagine the damage if those trees had still been around.

      1. Guest

        Although, some of the houses (lawn, pine, warren, and maybe some other streets) do not have power at this point

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