S&C Seeks Staff: Dishwashing, Food Prep, Cooking

Title says it all: Star & Crescent (freshpersons: this is an eating club. It is located in Alpha Delt. Read more here) is seeking passionate, dedicated kitchen staff for the fall semester. Preferably those with some food experience. Jobs include dishwashing, food preparation, and even some cooking.

Interested? Want more info? Email head steward Matt at madelman(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with a brief description of your experience/kitchen skills. Please e-mail by Tuesday at noon.

As for the photo above: the postcard is postmarked May 26, 1906, although the Middldetown chapter of Alpha Delt was founded at Wes in 1856 and the photo was presumably captured some time between the two dates. If you ate at S&C and enjoyed your meal, purchase this postcard for only $19.95.

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