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Orientation Coffee House – TONIGHT!

Don’t want to go to Bend It at Beckham and looking for a chill way to spend your evening? Want to go to Bend It at Beckham, but can’t because you’re not a new student and the security team refuses to respond to your slightly sexual advances? Come check out the annual Orientation Coffee House from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM in the Usdan Café! There will be coffee. There will not be a house.

Set list below:

  • 10:00Kelly Lee ’14 and John Ryan ’14
  • 10:20Molly Balsam ’14
  • 10:40Elizabeth Simon ’12
  • 11:00 – Samuel Long ’12
  • 11:20 – Splee Trio (Owen Callahan ’12, Matt Hurwitt ’12, Ofer Levy ’12)
  • 11:40 – Solomon Billinkoff ’14
  • 12:00 – Patrick Sarver ’14 and Claire Whitehouse ’14
  • 12:20 – Nick Petrie ’12
  • 12:40 – Evan Okun ’13
  • Date: Friday, September 2
  • Time: 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Place: Usdan Café
  • Cost: Free!

Espwesso Reopens Tonight!

Thank the lord for sending a worthy messenger in Jacob Eichengreen ’13! Espwesso, Wesleyan’s student-run café / the best place on earth, reopens tonight at 9. Espwesso serves up coffee, hot chocolate, and tea after other campus spots like ? have closed for the day for your points or hard-earned cash, with real live student baristas making real live quality creations; highlights include a central location (the Allbritton basement), a small library of campus publications to browse, and free drip coffee (!). That being said, the management asks that people bring their own cups if they can – after a month or so, Espwesso will begin charging (very little) for cups to keep costs low and the place open. 2015, swing by after the Common Moment and get to know the superawesomefriendlyspecial staff!

Waste Not! Tag Sale

From Marj Dodson ’13 and Jack Hoskins ’12, comes something no frosh or upperclassmen should miss:

Waste Not is Wesleyan’s beginning-of-the-year tag sale. At the end of the spring, we collect students’ (especially seniors’) usable items that they no longer want and sell them back to the student body in the fall. We have mini-fridges, couches, clothes of every sort, costumes, kitchenware, and tons of miscellaneous, often hilarious, sometimes useful items for you to buy at extremely low prices.

Saturday 3:00-6:00
Sunday 2:00-5:00

The proceeds go to sustain the Waste Not! program (pay for storage, etc.) and extra goes to charity, so come support us!

Any questions? Email

Place:  Zion Church/Archeology Lab across from Freeman

You can also check out the event on the Facebook.