Common Moment (Feet to the Fire‘s climax) is that thing last night where a billion freshmen dance in circles on Foss with ropes and tinfoil and also get free t-shirts and learn about environmental issues courtesy of Barry Chernoff while the Asphalt Orchestra goes nuts (seriously, guys) and Prometheus does its thing. ART AND SCIENCE COMBINNNNNEEEEE.  (Since 1831.)

As Professor Chernoff succinctly put it: “C’mon guys. This isn’t Amherst.”

Needless to say, it is a triumphant spectacle. I give it two thumbs up. Below are a few photos of Common Moment, stealthily snapped in between distributing t-shirts and dismantling tents, and a few more of Prometheus’s date with fire.

Speaking of Prometheus, co-spinner-in-chief Matt Adelman ’13 implores me to add that if you like what you saw, email him [madelman@wes] or Jordan Gratch ’13 [jgratch@wes]. What he means, I think, is that you can tame fire, too. Without parental supervision. But not at home. It’s complicated.

Speaking of spectacles, welcome back, upperclassmen. Look how many freshmen there are!

(I have no images of last night’s Bend It At Beckham, thank god, but this stock image representation [or this disturbingly accurate fictionalized depiction] will have to suffice. If you attended, pat yourself on the back. If you did not, sigh with relief.)

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