Dodos Tickets on Sale Tomorrow

On Wednesday, September 14th, San Francisco’s The Dodos will be performing at Eclectic. The band is known for its virtuosic, fast-paced folk-guitar work and propulsive, syncopated drumming. The Dodos have released four albums and are currently touring in support of No Color, which was released on March 15th to glowing reviews.

The Luyas, sounding something like a psychedelic Arcade Fire if every song were sang by Regine, are set to open.

The ticket selling process will be a bit unusual for this show. Starting tomorrow, students can register online using TicketLeap to purchase one $4 ticket per person. Leftover tickets will be available next week at Usdan up until the show.

This looks like yet another amazing entry in this fall’s concert line up! For more information, check out the Aural Wes event page.

  • Date: Wednesday, September 14th
  • Time: 9pm-12am
  • Place: Eclectic
  • Price: $4
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10 thoughts on “Dodos Tickets on Sale Tomorrow

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  3. Concert Committee

    Just to clarify: this is not how you will be PURCHASING tickets, but how you will be registering to purchase tickets instead. People have always complained that they can’t make it to usdan or wherever to purchase tickets regularly, so this is going to try and address that issue and level the playing field. 

    1. Anonymous

      I signed up in an excited rush and then remembered I have an evening class! :( Can I cancel? Or give someone else my ticket? Thanks :)

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