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Notably Sharp Auditions



Wesleyan’s Newest and best dressed Co-ed a cappella group is having auditions this week. If you love to sing and want to hang out with some really cool cats, then we would love to have you.
All you need to do is show up and be ready to sing a short song for us.
Come on down to Butts Lounge on Tuesday, September 6, or Wednesday, September 7, before 6 and 8 pm. All voice parts and all years are welcome. If you have any questions, email Chris Delaney ’14 at cmdelaney(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.
  • Date: Tuesday and Wednesday, September 6 and 7
  • Time: 6 – 8 pm
  • Place: Butts Lounge

Play Ultimate Frisbee with Sensitive Men

From Jed Rendleman ’12 comes this opportunity to, umm, play ultimate frisbee with sensitive men:

  • Are you athletic?
  • Are you tall?
  • Are you sensitive?
  • Are you not tall?

If running fast and catching and throwing plastic toys sounds like your idea of fun, come try out for Wesleyan’s only competitive men’s ultimate frisbee team tomorrow at the base of Foss Hill. There will be sports. 

Second Day Snacks at ADP

You [will at the time of this event hopefully] have survived two days of classes! Come eat some smart-people food and fancy cookies and chill on the porch. (V8 juice and Milanos will be provided.)

  • Date: Tomorrow, September 6
  • Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Place: Alpha Delt’s porch
  • Cost: Surviving two days of classes.

“Espwesleying, if you don’t mind”: Espwesso Opens Wednesday, Hires Errday

Espwesleying, an underground collaboration ‘twixt Espwesso and Wellesleying, is the second-hottest supergroup on the internet right now (#1). Turns out we’re dropping some new fire (“fiyah”, as you may have heard pronounced by savvy urban youth) this Wednesday night! If y’all haven’t heard, here’s the lowdown from Cache Job Engineer ’13:

Hey there, Brown students! Espwesso will resume normal hours of operation (Sunday-Thursday 9pm-1am) starting this Wednesday, the 7th. Hooray! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the best spot on campus to get free coffee (yes, frosh, that’s right, fucking free coffee. tasty stuff, too) Espwesso is an entirely student-run cafe in the basement of Albritton Center (room 003), that provides free drip coffee to the late-night Wesleyan community (donations are accepted/highly recommended) and gourmet espresso drinks for a small suggested donation. The cafe focuses on exposing the Wesleyan community to high quality specialty coffee through paying special care to coffee sourcing and best practices.

Also, Espwesso is hiring! We have an opening for a new barback/barista trainee (Workstudy ONLY, sorry guys). This is a training position that prepares you to work as a barista at Espwesso the following semester. Baristas at Espwesso are responsible for making drinks, taking suggested per-drink donations, and cleaning and maintaining the cafe space. As a barback, you will…

Werner Herzog’s 69th Birthday

Now comes a day I’ve been looking forward to since the end of last semester! Elliott Revin ’12 gives you the ecstatic truth:

Rainer Werner Herzog Schröter “Wim Wenders” Fassbinder is perhaps the most famous filmmaker to rise out of the New German Cinema of the ’70s. This first Monday of classes, Sept. 5, is his 69th birthday. His realization of his “natural right for a camera” as a teenager with the unwitting assistance of Munich Film School; his ecstatic truth filmmaking, as exemplified by films like his collaborations with Klaus Kinski; his freaking creepy renditions of popular children’s books; these are all worthy of celebration. There’s no formal event for this new yearly Wesleyan holiday (henceforth, every first Monday of classes shall forever be known as Werner Herzog’s 69th Birthday), but as a school that prides itself on the prestige of its film department (among other things), we should show our support for Herzog on his 69th birthday in two ways:

1) Watch a Werner Herzog film, wherever you are.
2) Engage in festivities celebrating the man himself, preferably involving mind-altering substances.

Everyone have a great (inaugural) 69th!

Date: Sept. 5, all damn day
Place: All over campus!

Jeff the Brotherhood @ Eclectic 9/6

Tomorrow, Jake and Jamnin Orral, the bros of Jeff the Brotherhood, will be bringing their fuzzed out, stripped down, anthemic punk tunes to Eclectic. Aural Wes accurately describes “the Brotherhood” as, “Little bit psychedelic, little bit garage rock, little bit Weezer. A lot a bit kick-ass.” Campus band, Linus, are set to open.

Fun fact: Jeff the Brotherhood recently provided the instrumentation for Insane Clown Posse’s reinterpretation of a Mozart composition produced by Jack White. Leck Mich Im Arsch.

“Mozart, dope for the most part. Respected cuz he know’s art.”

  • Date: Tuesday, September 6th
  • Time: 9pm-12pm
  • Place: Eclectic
  • Price: Free

Audition for Waiting in Line

“Audition for Waiting in Line”? There’s no way that could be difficult, right? Oh, who are we kidding. Waiting in line is torture. Also, I’m sorry for deceiving you and should now reveal that this post is actually another a capella audition post and not something entirely different. I’ll just hand the mic to Waka Flocka Feinstein ’13 (or Will ’14, if you think he told the truth in the Chapel last week):

More Auditions! This Time for Slender James @ Psi U

Hey you! Stop wasting your life on Wesleying (for the next five minutes) and take a moment to appreciate about how awesome it is that you’re here at Wes right now. Everything is perfect, except one thing is missing… you’re not in an a cappella group! Well, hot dog! Your chance to fill that devastating hole in your life is here at last! Come audition for Slender James, and prove that you are just the debonaire, handsome, smarmy, silver-tongued and honey-voiced young lad we’ve been waiting our whole lives to see stroll through our door.

To audition, please:
1. Prepare a solo; something contemporary. A verse and a chorus should be just fine, or about minute of music.
2. Bring a good joke.
3. Be a dude.

We’ve having TWO nights of auditions, in the Chapel Basement Psi U (signage will be present: you’ll figure it out).

Tues, Sept. 6, 7:00pm-9:00pm
Weds, Sept. 7, 8:30-10:30pm

If you have any questions, ask us on this page or shoot one of us a fb message. Spread the good word, and see you there!

Audition for New Group! TODAY

Dammit, Katie Silver ’12, how can I NOT post your shit when you attach cute animal photos? Jesus. Anyway – Like to sing?

Audition for New Group!

Hey you! Do you like singing? Of course you do! So come try out for the New Group, Wesleyan’s second oldest co-ed a cappella group.

Who do we want:
Guys and Gals, especially if you can beatbox!

When do we want you:
Monday September 5th, 6.30-8.30 pm, Usdan 108
Tuesday September 6th, 6.30-8.30 pm, Fayerweather 106 (Theater Rehearsal Hall in the basement of Beckham)

See y’all there!

Date:   Sept. 5 & Sept. 6
Time:   6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Place:  Usdan 108 (Mon) and Fayerweather 106 (Tues)

Edit: As it is an audition, the group would like you to prepare a song to sing.

The Cardinal Sinners want you!

Can’t imagine college without singing? Come audition for the Cardinal Sinners, Wesleyan’s oldest and sassiest all female acapella group.  Auditions will take place Monday and Tuesday night from 6-8pm in Usdan 110.  Look forward to seeing you there!!

Date: Monday 9/5, Tuesday 9/6
Time: 6 – 8 pm
Place: Usdan 110