How To Navigate WesMaps’ Writing Courses

Have you read the Wesleyan Writing Blog yet? If not, then you’re really missing out. It’s your one-stop guide to writing, writing at Wesleyan, and student writing opportunities. Check out Ford Fellow Katherine Mechling‘s blog post about how to navigate WesMaps’ writing courses.

When I first discovered Wesmaps before my freshman year, I spent three hours clicking through the site in a frantic haze before I had to drag myself away. I was overwhelmed: not only were there an extraordinary number of courses to pick from, but also I couldn’t seem to narrow down my focus. I was interested in everything. English? Great! Astronomy? There’s a telescope, that’s so cool! Sociology? They didn’t offer that in high school. Sign me up!

Before you get started, take some time to brainstorm your writing goals for the semester. Do you want to try your hand at a research paper? Would you rather ease into college writing with courses that only assign a few papers so that you have enough time to really work on them? Are you hoping to fine-tune your writing technique by improving your syntax, grammar, etc.? Make sure you have a few goals in mind before you dive into Wesmaps.

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