So why do we have classes on Labor Day?

So I’ve been wondering for the past few years why we always start classes on Labor Day (especially since one of my professors flaked on class today because of their labor day bbq). President Roth commented about it today in his blog:

“When the faculty approved the calendar a few years ago, we discussed the tradeoffs of either starting earlier (most were against that), or backing up too close to Christmas and winter holidays (a big problem for our students wanting to return home for break).”

But if we take a look at the calender, we can see that we end classes on a Friday this semester. Would it really matter if we had today off? If you’re an upperclassman and you had to move in this weekend, would you have preferred school start tomorrow? What about honoring the age-old American tradition of a bunch of Mondays off in the Fall? Should we consider getting Columbus Day off too (did you know South Dakota has an alternative to Columbus Day called Native American Day)?

But in a bit of a tangent turn, Roth redirected the issue towards how we may best use the CRC. I’d personally prefer not to think about the job market on the national day of rest.

Happy Labor Day!

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3 thoughts on “So why do we have classes on Labor Day?

  1. Hfruj

    Each day of the week must occur in the schedule thirteen times. If classes didn’t start today, they would end THREE days later, after the weekend.

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