Student Forum: The Prison System

Margo Tercek ’13 writes in from across my living room to tell you about a great student forum this semester:

Interested in the prison-industrial complex? Wanna volunteer in a prison? Need another credit? Then come to the info session for the student forum, The Prison System and Its Volunteers at 1:00 on Friday at the Office of Community Service, the little house that’s on the corner of Church and High and diagonal to Beta.

Read after the jump to learn more about the forum & the Prison Industrial Complex.

This service-learning forum aims to engage with the contemporary U.S. prison system through both discussion of relevant texts and volunteer work in a nearby correctional institute.  Readings for this course will cover the history of the prison system in the United States, the development of the Prison Industrial Complex, the dynamics of class, race and gender in the prison, and contemporary strategies for reforming and/or replacing the current prison system.  We will ground our theoretical and sociological exploration of the criminal justice system in our personal experience facilitating weekly workshops in the prison, using the forum also as a space to share our experiences in the prison, discuss pedagogical approaches for conducting workshops, and reflect on the role of service.

Email ctratner@wes or mtercek@wes if you have any questions or you can’t make it.

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