Concert Committee Info Session @8PM TODAY

Did you just get back from the Jeff the Brotherhood show and feel inspired to bring other rad bands to Wesleyan?* Did you not attend the Jeff the Brotherhood show but read that last sentence and realize you have a few bands you’d like to bring to campus? Do you LUST POWER!!!???

Go to the Concert Committee info session tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm to learn about how Wesleyan concert bookers work with committee members to keep our school’s vibrant music scene alive. Applications for those interested in joining the committee will also be available.

Check out Aural Wes for their in-depth article on planning concerts and more information on the info session.

  • Date: Wednesday, September 7th
  • Time: 8PM
  • Place: PAC 001
  • Book: Shows

*The above picture is from last year’s (Wes alums) Bear Hands show. It was crazy.

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