Like what you see above? Want to size up members of the New England Small College Athletic Conference? Enjoy deconstructing the creative lineage of Post-Linus critical theory? Want to expose Michael Roth’s nipples and liven up your sex life? Dying to trip with Tryptophantasm? Just thirsty for breast milk? Still trying to find out where the Destiny’s Child concert is?

Join the Wesleyan Ampersand, the humor component of the Wesleyan Argus. Find us tomorrow, September 8, at 4:30 outside Allbritton (or on the fourth floor if the weather blows). Snacks will be provided, both sweet and savoury. If you want to write for the Ampersand but can’t make the meeting, email me (zschonfeld@wes) or or Piers (pgelly@wes). Follow the Ampersand online here. And never forget the Four Humors: black bile (melankholia), yellow bile (cholera), phlegm (phlegma), and blood (sanguis).

  • Dates: Thursday, September 8
  • Thyme: 4:30 – 5:30 PM
  • Basil: outside Allbritton
  • Dill: Oregano

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