Kaze Taiko Auditions! Time Change

Ever wanted to look super awesome while beating huge drums with a bunch of other people who ALSO look super awesome and are beating huge drums?? Audition for Kaze! Here’s some pertinent info from Cheryl Tan ’11

Hello everyone, there’ve been a lot of questions as to how to get into/audition for the class. Here’s the rundown.

1) Time change
Due to somewhat foreseen circumstances, the advanced class will take place from 3.30 til 5.00 pm and will be switched with the Intro II class currently advertised on Wesmaps. HOWEVER, tomorrow’s audition for the advanced class will take place at the listed time, i.e. 1pm.

2) There are two beginner level classes: Intro I and Intro II. Intro II is an intermediate level class but depending on space and time constraints, some players with no experience may be admitted into the Intro II class.


If you have no experience whatsoever and want to play for the first time, come to the 10am audition or the 3.30pm audition if you can’t make the 10am one.

If you have taken class before, and feel up to it, come for the advanced class audition at 1pm. If you do not get in, you will probably be offered the option of taking the Intro II class or retaking the Intro I class depending on your performance in the audition. You can also just audition for the Intro II class if you wish, and if you are exceptional we will offer you the advanced class.

You only need to come to one audition because we will take note of your availability and preference for class level.

For beginners: Dress in comfortable clothing and be prepared to do somewhat rigorous physical activity.

Good luck!

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