Not enough auditions for you? Desperate Measures to the rescue.

From Ariel Lesnick ’14:

Do you enjoy making shit up?
Do you watch “Whose Line is it Anyway?” in those fabulous late-night ABC Family time-slots?
Do you mime out the majority of your actions to be ultra-specific (slash talk with your
hands a lot)?
Then have WE got the place for you!!

Come audition for Desperate Measures, Wesleyan’s short-form Improv comedy group!! Auditions will be held on Sunday from 3-4 pm and Tuesday from 9-10 pm in the “East Room” (which is in the Theatre Studios in the CFA). No experience is necessary, just come on down and I am sure, laughter will ensue!

There will probably be a silly hat. No promises though.

P.S. If you are unable to attend either of these auditions but are still interested in trying out, please email alesnick[at]wes[dot]edu and we’ll figure something out!

Date: Sunday, Sept 11 & Tuesday, Sept 13
Time: Sunday 3-4 pm, Tuesday 9-10pm
Place: East Room, Theatre Studies, CFA

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