Zombie Art Collective Info Meeting

Does it matter that Zonbi Nzumbe (class of 1831, apparently) has been dead for at least a century and a half? Not to us at Wesleying, it doesnt! We’ll post pretty much whatever we get. Unless we, uh, don’t. Sorry. Anyway:

Interested in public art, activist art, free art, art for everybody? Noticed the lack of visual arts culture on campus? Thirsty for blood, or at the very least nourishment for your creative soul?

Come to the Zombie Art Collective info meating and jam tomorrow at 3 PM, whether or not you self-identify as an “artist.” We don’t adhere to the artist-nonartist binary.

The Zombie Art Collective facilitates happenings, spaces, group projects, events and workshops in the Wesleyan community.

Zombie is a non-hierarchical assortment of people aiding one another in projects to reclaim public space for personal expression. Zombies seek to create art that is involved, public, participatory, fluid, and dangerous; in which the role of the artist is to instigate, and the role of the audience is to become co-conspirators in our little mental coup against passivity.

Zombies want your brain.

Where: University Organizing Center, 190 High St.
Who: You and all your friends
When: Friday, 3 PM

Scared shitless yet? No? How about now? Yeah, that’s right. You better come (and yes, that means you, Habibi Mizuno ’15).

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