To Wesleyan Parents, Re: Argus Article

Good afternoon. This here be your main man, frostedmoose.

Just a quick note: It has recently come to my attention – through a cursory reading of the most recent Argus, or more specifically, this article about Wesleying – that parents of both Wesleyan students and potential Wesleyan students have not only been consistently using this blog as a resource, but are also greatly encouraged to do so by multiple layers of the school including its administration.

Now, our Dear Leader Zach might have his own opinions about this, but I for one find this a wonderful little predicament, and I wholeheartedly welcome you – the parent, the care-giver, the tireless savant who spent some 18 years producing and raising a little hellspawn and then had the audacity to trust us the Wesleyan community with the realization of your offspring – to our esteemed and warm readership.

Or, to put it in more simple terms:

Oh hello, to all you moms out there.

Happy Friday, Wes!

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