Dodos was supposed to be the first big show of fall semester—the first time it really feels like the whole campus crammed into one tight den of tinnitus and joy. Not so, says Wye Oak, a fast-emerging Baltimore-based dreampop duo named after the honorary state tree of Maryland.

I liked a lot of things about the band’s performance last night at Eclectic, but I especially liked that it almost sounded like autumn’s arrival: sparse organ, Jenn Wasner’s smoky, melancholy moan, and those freaking crescendos. Despite its only two members, this group’s sound is unmistakeably grand, textured and full enough to fill up Eclectic’s every corner and even force out an enthused encore. Who needs a bassist when your drummer handles the organ parts with his left hand?

Civilian is the duo’s latest, and it hits most of the right spots (especially “Holy Holy,” “Fish,” and “We Were Wealth“), but somehow the vocal swells and feedback bursts are a little better in person. By which I mean, this was a very solid start to the fall concert season. Thanks to all who helped put it together.

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