$50 Rofl

Enter your summer internship into the WesSID Career Center database. Two $50 all-purpose gift cards will be raffled away to  submissions before 20 Sept.

Entry takes < 5 minutes and you can remain anonymous. Go to: Student Portfolio > Career Resources > WesSID Entry Form

The Mona Lisa

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4 thoughts on “$50 Rofl

  1. Think about it...

    What about those of us who have to work to get money instead of our parents putting us up in apartments around the world each summer?

    1. Jim Kubat

      Absolutely, it’s about gaining skills and experience, whether it’s a formal “internship” or “just” a “summer job.”    Not all summer jobs are created equal, however, and so some jobs  might not be of interest to many Wes students or are located in an area that’s not convenient for a student, but if you’d recommend it, and another student can apply for it, then enter it.   Summer jobs located in certain urban areas, like Boston, New York, DC, the West Coast, etc. are certainly welcome.

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