Community Engagement Opportunities

Enjoy this triple-play event post with bonus application material:

Find out ways to get involved in your local community.  The Center for Community Partnerships is hosting several different events this week to find out ways to to get connected:

  • AmeriCorps Info Session: Monday at 8pm or Tuesday at 4pm Usdan 108
  • CCP Open House 1pm – 3pm @ 167 High St
  • Community Engagement Fair, Wed 9/15 11:30 – 1pm Usdan Courtyard

And if you want to work for OCS, please attend a mandatory employment session, info here:

Dates: Sept. 12, 13,  14
Times: 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Places: Usdan 108, 167 High, Usdan Courtyard

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