Cheese Co-op Sign-ups! (Thru Friday, Sept 16)

OMG CHEESE!From Nica Latto ’12:
The Cheese Co-op is back and better than ever. This semester will feature the local, organic cheeses from family farms you’ve come to know and love, but now with more variety. Sign up for a share all to yourself (98 points per semester), to split with one friend (49 points each per semester) or with two friends (33 points each per semester). You’ll receive a delivery of deliciousness every other week for the rest of the semester. Space is limited, so don’t delay!
Visit our website to sign up through September 16th. Contact with any questions. Cheeeeese!
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2 thoughts on “Cheese Co-op Sign-ups! (Thru Friday, Sept 16)

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    after we sign up online do we have to sign anywhere else in hard copy (like is the case with the Fand V co-op)?

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