Visiting Prof. Mike Williams on MSNBC, displays bucketloads of awesome

This is Mike. He’s a current congressional candidate for the 5th District of Connecticut. He also shares two thirds of a name with the guy who wrote the Imperial March and that song that plays in your head when you think of a geeky British boy with a bowl cut and a scar on his head (his full name, FYI, being Michael John Williams).

He’s also a visiting professor this year for the Government department, teaching pretty cool things like geopolitics, security issues, Cold War politics, and civil-military relations. According to my sources in his class (including but not limited to a young man from Pakistan with a questionable sense of humor), he’s a pretty damn good educator too.

Watch him on MSNBC, addressing an issue of great importance both personally and in principle with an eloquence, poise, and gravitas that can inspire nothing but awe.

Wesleying sends out the love over to your end, prof.

(Also, if you’re reading this, pls let me in your “The Armed Forces and Society” class next sem? pls pls pls pls)

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