GENERATIONALS @ Eclectic 2nite

Nathaniel Draper ’12 writes in to Wesleying:

Hey come on this is a concert come on!

Boonmee monkeys got you down? This Thursday night (tonight?!), latin jazz-stomp and world shoegaze aficionados GENERATIONALS come to the Electric house of rock n’ roll music to woo you with all sorts of THE BEST DAMNED SORTS OF INDIE ROCK HORN INFUSED DANCING SHIT OH MAN IT’S AWESOME, and in a sincere word of council I would be damned sure to be there if I were you.

Described on our own sort of Wesleyan internet as “[Really really great] pop music out of New Orleans, set to bring you right back into the golden age of 60s AM radio,” it promises to be, well, really really great.  Wesleyan’s own Appledaughters will be opening.  (If you caught them opening for the Dodos, you know what’s up.  If you didn’t, this time they’ll be naked!)

Check out the facebook page y’all or the Aural Wes event page or read more at Wesleying’s own guide to fall concerts.

Date: Thursday, September 15th
Time: 10:00 PM
Place: Eclectic
Cost: Freeeeeeee

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