Amanda Palmer “Ninja Gig”

You didn’t hear it from me, but Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer ’98 of the The Dresden Dolls will be playing a “ninja gig!! around 7 pm, location TBA but near college row.”

ZACH EDIT: If today earlier tweet is any indication, Palmer remains one of Wesleyan’s most fascinating, if reluctant, famous alums:

Translation: Palmer did not have the most sunny time at Wesleyan. This is, after all, the artist who wrote (and performed here, in 2004) her own “Wesleyan Fight Song,” containing bright couplets like “College Row is burning down / It’s Armageddon Middletown!”

You can also read some of Palmer’s recollections of her time at Wes and in Eclectic here, on her personal blogspot. Welcome back, Amanda!

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