Blogging while studying abroad? GIMME YO URLzzz

Psst. Hey you. Yeah, you. You, the one reading Wesleying in your Parisian cafe/German bar/Czech spire/Tibetan hut/South African safari jeep/Mid-East kibbutz/Nicaraguan commie village.

Are you blogging about your experiences out there? Yeah? Well, listen – here’s your chance to expand your readership a bit. And you want to expand your readership, because if you’re blogging and the only souls reading it are your parents, your siblings, and maybe that kid who has a crush on you but you haven’t actually met yet, it really sucks. It’s like masturbating a little too much – it’s fun at first, but then later on it just feels like the abyss has opened up in your gut and your soo aloonnee sooo alooooneee sooooo aloooonneee.

So, if you want your blog advertised here on Wesleying so that more people can take note of your existence, send us an email over at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Be sure to give your email the subject header “Study Abroad Blog” so we don’t mark it as spam.

Come on, don’t be shy. We want to hear from you. And don’t worry, we’ve done this many times before.



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