Recruiting Hosts for Admissions Overnight Program

The admissions office overnight hosting program needs students (especially freshmen) to sign up to host pre-frosh. The program runs Sunday – Thursday nights (no visitors on weekends), but typically only requires a commitment of one night every couple of weeks. Pre-frosh are matched with hosts based on academic and extracurricular interests.

Hosts are responsible for pre-frosh from 4:15 pm on the day they arrive until the following afternoon when they leave campus. Hosts are encouraged to take their pre-frosh to any classes or evening activities they attend during the visit.

Hosting pre-frosh is FUN, EASY, and a GREAT way to share the things you love most about Wesleyan with impressionable high school seniors who might become members of the class of 2016.

Come by the admissions office to fill out a hosting form!

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