NESCAC NEWS: Over 50 Colby Students Facing Alcohol Charges

Police chief: “In one room they found about 18 kids and in that room was a wastebasket that they said had about a foot of vomit in it.”

Wesleying is sending its NESCAC solidarity up to postcard-perfect Waterville, ME. More than four dozen Colby students will be needing it after this bust.

In what seems like a nightmarish record in recent college history, 56 Colby students (that’s over 3% of the student body) are facing alcohol charges and on-campus discipline action after on off-campus party Saturday night. The three students living in the party venue, meanwhile—residents of an apartment at 116 Winter St, whose names I’m not including in this post—were arrested and “charged with providing a place for minors to consume.” All 56 are expected to appear Waterville District Court on December 6. As for the leak, these details from the Kennebec Journal:

The summonses were issued after an officer stopped a car on Gilman Street around 8 p.m. Saturday and the driver identified herself as a Colby student, according to [police Chief Joseph] Massey. The officer smelled alcohol on her and asked where she got it; she said she had been at the Winter Street party, Massey said. She was summoned for illegal possession of alcohol by a minor, he said.


“In one room they found about 18 kids and in that room was a wastebasket that they said had about a foot of vomit in it. I guess you drink till you vomit,” Massey said.

Police confiscated a keg of beer and some 30-packs of beer and summoned all of the students for illegal possession of liquor by a minor, he said.

I’m not sure what the takeaway from the article would be, particularly considering the details of the party (a keg, some 30-packs of beer, a lot of vomit) don’t seem nearly so extreme as the police response would have us believe. (“I call that Wednesday,” writes one snarky HuffPost commenter.) “Waterville PD must be bored,” speculates another—but when are they not?

One reader says it best in the HuffPost comment thread:

This article says less about the drinking habits of Colby students (which I know from experience are no different than those of any other college students), and more about the boredom of the Waterville police.

More details from Kennebec Journal and Portland Press Herald.

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  1. Scott

    we should throw colby parties at wes! 

    ……just kidding @psafe. I’m only joking @northcollege. sorry about that comment @mroth.

  2. Ayn Rand

    A great reminder for everyone who bitches about PSafe. They’re the only thing standing between your privileged ass and actual consequences. 

  3. Drive with the hangover

    Meh. As a response to a party? Over the top. As a response to drunk driving? Seems about right to me.

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