Sexty Five Pearl Residents Blog, Are Sexty

Earlier this week we put out a call for study abroad blogs, from all programs and locales, of all shapes and sizes. What we actually received was a lil bit different: a captivating glimpse into the daily world of “five Wesleyan student doing a domestic program over on Pearl Street, sort of behind Russell House.” They are Caitlin Palmer ’13, Tobias Butler ’13, Anna Swartz ’13, Emily Black ’13, and Hilary Rappaport ’13. But together, they are Sexty Five Pearl. WHATUPPPPPP.

The adventures are beyond stimulating: sometimes they install shower heads, sometimes they make artichoke dip, but always they blog about it, and why not? They even have a doorbell! We spoke with Sexty-Five correspondent Anna Swartz and sought to learn more about what makes Sexty Five Pearl so goddamn titillating and sexty . . .

Tell us about your living arrangements at Sexty Five Pearl.

We have a five-person, five-bedroom house that has, at any given time, eight to nine residents.  We live on the second floor, some of us have views of a street, and some of us have views of Horgan House, a little known university building.  (Ed note: not if you worked R&C as a “floater.”) Some of us have big rooms and some have small rooms.  We also have a beautiful pantry. With storage for a million snacks.

Who are you??

  • Tobias Butler ’13, noted electronic musician, web-designer, and current computerslave for the Argus.  He is tall and likes monochromatic, brightly colored tee-shirts.
  • Caitlin Palmer ’13, former president of Westco, official unofficial face of Wesleyan, proprietor of CXCX Barbershop.
  • Emily Black ’13, science major/major science.
  • Anna Swartz ’13, dog-owner, frequenter of Weshop, and fan of the phrase “Talk to the booty ’cause the hand’s off-duty and the face don’t wanna hear it.”
  • Hilary Rappaport ’13, Professional wall-hanging hanger with a song in her heart.  She lost her glasses, if you have seen them, please let us know.  She only has two pairs.

What inspired you to blog your living experience?

We were inspired to “blog” after seeing how many of our friends abroad felt compelled to share the minutiae of their foreign lives via the interwebs.  We embarked to do the same, sharing all things messy, thrilling, and titillating that happen @ sexty-five Pearl St., apt. B.

What makes Sexy-Five Pearl special?

What makes us special is that we have a doorbell.  No other apartment in the building has one.  Tobias installed it.  Also, we like cooking and making our apartment look nice and sharing with anyone who comes over, and we think people (our friends in other places/our parents/our former babysitters who now live in Seattle) should know about the nice things we do.

How have you been keeping from getting lonely?

WE ARE NEVER LONELY. We have many many real people in the apartment all the time, including our real imaginary friends.  Including but not limited to: Annabelle, Anna’s jellybean sized sibling, Sir. William T. Bones, a skeleton (long deceased), and his wife, a vacuum.

What’s the most notable thing that has happened at your residence so far this year?

The other day we got a framed picture of a bookshelf. It looks just like a bookshelf, and it is a set, but they are in frames. WE ALSO WENT TO OUR STORAGE UNIT! IT WAS A BIG DEAL! THERE WILL BE A BLOG POST ABOUT IT.


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  3. Catherine Armsden

    I love this blog. Showerhead rocks. Doorbell man, hope you are getting handy with the cooking, too! xoxmom

  4. Guest

    i quite enjoy the looks of that panini. would the residents of sexty five be willing to share such a delicious snack? please write back.

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