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It’s sort of those things that has been whispered through the walls for quite some time now, which of course typically doesn’t really matter if you’re part of the collective insulated within the world-reducing college-bubble (which you are). But even within the bubble some manage pick up the scent and are consequently swept up by its message and mission, and on a rather sunny weekend much like any other, they packed their bags, got on a bus (giving up the smile of restful hours), and headed South to join the civil resistance – that is to say, to help “Occupy Wall Street.”

In case you have no idea at all of what I’m talking about – and that would be a damn shame, be it for lack of circulation or lack of inclination – click here and here. The Wes envoy that went off to rally was a varied set of robust young individuals, among them our very own sickly-kinetic A-Batte (bringing the joy of chalking in tow). And while he should really be the one writing this, he’s a little busy at the moment. Thus, what follows is not an entertainingly or passionately-written account of events, but rather, a sterile round-up of coverage, pictures, and other tid-bits.

The account will come sometime later, when he has fully recovered in his cave. Click on to see the coverage.

  • We’ve got some pertinent pictures of the event down at the mosaic, most of them courtesy of the quiet but intense Dan Fischer ’12 via Facebook.
  • Here’s a detailed list of coverage, media, and other such stuff.
  • Video footage of an interesting little moment during the marches. (It’s a little dramatically phrased, to be honest, but the actual properties of the scene almost metaphorically defines the relationship between the two parties)
  • A Democracy Now vid has Weskids in it! In the default frame before you click play, you can see Daniel Plafker ’15 and Oliver James ’14 to the right of the sign. (Hey guys!) Also, several Weskids at 16:35.
  • This blog here has photos of mad chalking throughout the rally sites – though, the blogger wasn’t an actual fan of the rally. (Scroll down for the chalks)

The movement is still going on as I write this, and hopes to go on for as long as it can. If you’re interested in getting involved or learning more, do contact Dan at dlfischer(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, or hit up the movement’s actual website here.

Update: My associate A-Batte would like to sound out his appreciation of all the many, many peeps who showed up as part of the WesContingent this weekend, particularly the particularly large Class of 2015 representation.

Update: Some of the WesContingent were/are (in no particular order): Maxwell Hellmann ’13, Manon Lefevre ’14, Andrew Pezzullo ’13, Hibiki Mizuno ’15, Miriam Kudler-Flam ’15, Paul Blasenheim ’12, Aviva Markowitz ’12, Cathryn Herlihey ’12, Ross Levin ’15, Austen Fiora ’12, Evan Weber ’13, Aaron Marcus ’12, Hailey Sowden ’15. Do get in contact with any of them if you are interested.

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8 thoughts on “Wes @ WallStreet

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  4. Dplafker

    To the author. Just fyi my name is spelt Plafker. Also I prefer Daniel not Dan. Thanks for your excellent coverage

  5. Anonymous

    Also, just to make things clear: there were maybe two dozen of us there as part of the WesContingent. I’m not sure I could name them all, though I’d like to give a shoutout to the large 2015 representation. Way to spend your second post-classes weekend, guys.

  6. Mike Cane

    Not a fan of it so far, but I can still be convinced. Let’s see if it has staying power and can grow.  It does need to be done.  Thanks for the link.

    1. Anonymous

      Hey, thanks! If you could possibly send us some very sharp knives, we would be glad to write in our own blood next time.

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