Want to work towards health issues in Bangladesh?

Matt Donahue ’14 hollers:

With so many great student groups at Wesleyan, I’m sure it will be hard to choose which ones you’d like to participate in, but if you are still looking for ways to become involved in the Wesleyan community, check out Brighter Dawns.  Brighter Dawns, an Illinois-registered nonprofit founded by Wesleyan University students last year, launched its first public health initiative in the slums of Khalishpur, Bangladesh, building 10 wells, 20 latrines and distributing 1000 health kits. Brighter Dawns aims to provide the slums of Bangladesh ease of access to liquid life — clean water — while empowering women and improving health conditions as part of a larger initiative. Come to out first informational meeting!  I hope to see you (and a friend, or two, or twelve) there as we embark on a new year with some new faces and fresh ideas (and yes, there will be food). Your help today will bring hope tomorrow.

Date: TODAY!  Wednesday, September 21

Time: 9 in the p.m.

Place: Woodhead Lounge (in the Science Library)

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