Wes Pacific Makes Wes Debut

Amanda Palmer: “You know what’s amazingly meta about your incredibly confusing pun title? That it’s not specific.”

Remember when Wesleyan web series were all the rage? I do.

There was Enrolled—the first—in 2009, a college sitcom-style series written by Chris Correa ’10, Robby Hardesty ’11, and Josh Margolin ’11 and revolving around the lives of a group of friends at Wesleyan. Then Wannabes the following semester, a mockumentary-style show by Garth Taylor ’12, whose plot I seem to remember involving aspiring Wesleyan arts performers. There was The Internationals a year later, a Michael Steves ’13 production “about the freshman year of a hall of international students” . . .  closely followed by Laugh Track, also by Garth Taylor ’12, a painfully meta series about a group of college comedy writers writing sketches for their online series.

And now for something completely different (actually): Wes Pacific, a Will Feinstein ’13 production, makes its Wesleyan debut.

Really: it’s different. It’s the first web series entirely without plots or actors or scripts or goofy sitcom theme music (let’s be honest: mostly it’s just Will carrying a camera around), and that means all the difference: it’s the first web series that holds a legitimate claim to life at Wes, because that’s literally all it is.

Wes Pacific is just scenes from WesLife—the lighter ones, at least—chopped and distilled into snappy little vignettes, soundtracked by all Wesleyan bands (who else would use It’s Chinatown as a theme song?), funneled through Feinstein’s wry, punchy humor. It’s all familiar, too: there’s A-Batte, chalkin’ shit up outside Olin; there’s the Student Activities Fair, and a bazillion puns at the expense of the Wexercise folks (“I’ve heard about the Wesleyan puns and everything, but Wexercise doesn’t actually have Wes in it”); there’s Amanda Palmer ’98, str8 chillin’ in Allbritton pre-ninja gig. There’s more, too—“neighborhood watch” with LoRise C3, a productive trip to Goodwill—and that’s just the first episode.

Will writes:

More episodes coming soon. I’m going to try to feature a whole bunch of people, activities, etc. The plan is to use only Wesleyan music as the soundtrack, which is what I’ve done so far. I also plan to end most episodes with a musical performance or other performance of some kind. And the show will sort of define itself as it goes on. Hopefully it’ll reflect some of the best parts of Wes life.

You can scope out Wes Pacific on Facebook and YouTube as well; for a rundown on the debut episode:

  • “Chalking With Anwar” (00:19): “So Anwar, what are we about to chalk?” “Um. Vaguely insightful statements would be fun.”
  • “Neighborhood Watch”(3:15): “Guys, we can never be too careful. Every little bit counts.” “Freedom is not free!” “It’s actually the most important responsibility we have living here.”
  • “Amanda Palmer ’98 Reacts to the Title of This Webseries” (4:43): “It’s an aspecific thing that is calling itself specific. It’s a movie within a movie, dude.”
  • “A Trip to Goodwill” (5:38): “What you really need is this Grinch costume. That’s, uh, that’s the better purchase, I think.”
  • “Student Activities Fair” (7:04): “I’m gonna start a rival club called, uh, WesDefJam Records. And we’re gonna put out music for people with disabilities. How will you compete with me when you guys don’t have a record label?”

Wesleyan bands featured:

More episodes coming soon, Will promises.

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  3. Guy

    I kind of hate this. But as a nostalgic alumni who lives far away, I will almost certainly watch the next episode.

    Also, I don’t really hate it. I just said that to be mean.

  4. Ayn Rand

    I don’t think Laugh Track ever got off the ground. Also, where’s the second episode of The Internationals? I know it was filmed, but never released. It’s become the The Day the Clown Cried of Wesleyan webseries.

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