Patrick Salazar ’13 (Spoken Phor) Seeks Contributors for a Musical Project

Patrick Salazar ’13 (also known as Spoken Phor, pictured above) writes in with an open call for fellow Wesleyan contributors:

I’m working on a new mixtape project and what I’m looking for are any producers, singers (both male and female), vocal engineers, videographers and photographers who are interested in collaborating for the project. Essentially I would work with the producers, singers, and engineers to complete the actual physical product and work with the videographers and photographers to do music videos/mini clips, promotional videos, and photoshoots. If anyone is interested they can e-mail me at psalazar[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with samples of their work and a description of their skills. Also, if anyone is interested in P.R. or music promotion or something like that, I’d be down to work with them on introducing them to the blog scene and showing them how to push music so that they can do that for the project while we are working on it.

For an idea of what Patrick’s past musical projects have entailed, check out his mixtape “Half Way There”. This mixtape was produced mostly by Anthony Edwards ’11, but that also included Jared Paul ’11 for production, Melanie Brady ’12 as a vocalist and Kwabena Nsiah ’10 for writing credits.
Also, be sure to check out the official “Half Way There” music video. Another Wesleyan project, this video was a joint effort between Matt Schaff ’11, Ian Park ’11, and Taylor Harbison ’13.

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