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Sci-Fi Thesis Film Casting Call

From Jake Lane ’12:

I’ll be shooting a senior thesis film in the October. I’m looking to cast a woman in the leading role, but I need a few small but expressive side characters as well, so anyone interested in acting should come in and try out! There’s no need to prepare anything.

The film is a noir-ish science-fiction about a scoundrel struggling to survive in a wretched world, haunted by a past betrayal. There’s sword fighting in it. It should be fun.

The film is meant as a sort of homage to old-school science fiction films. An enthusiasm for pulpy genre films is a plus.

Date: Sunday, Sept. 25
Time: 4pm-7pm
Place: Usdan 114 (Ullian Meeting Room)

WeSLAM Workshop!

Dear Poet ’12 / ’13 / ’14 / ’15:

Tomorrow (Saturday), from 1:30-3:30, on the top floor of Allbritton (same spot as last Sunday’s general interest meeting), we will be hosting a Slam Workshop!!!

What’s a Slam Workshop? Thanks for asking! The slam workshop will be an open forum for you to bring in any work you’ve got, polished or unpolished, that you’re considering using in a slam setting. A lot of it will be guided by what you, the people, are interested in doing, but on the big picture level we’ll be messing around with both the writing and performance of your poems, working to take them to that next level, and bring out all the dope-ass-awesomeness that might be hiding just below the surface. More after the jump!


Ishmael (Jordan Lewis ’13, Andy Werle ’12, Nick Otte and Aaron Silberstein) is playing FOR THE FIRST TIME OF THE SEMESTER TOMORROW at EARTH HOUSE!



Check out the fb page and their website for more information.

Krill, Dead Wives, Life Size Maps @ MuHo

Krill is a fun sloppy rock band based in Somerville, MA, and Baltimore, MD, and prone to really awful “krill” puns. They’re playing MuHo tomorrow night, along with fellow out-of-towners Life Size Maps and Dead Wives, which both play poppy, garagey, tuneful sort of tunes and such. It’s free, and it’ll be a krilly good time, promises Daniel Ferm ’12:

This Saturday, September 24th, we have a rockin’ show at music house. Three out-of-town bands, Krill, Dead Wives, and Life Size Maps, are gracing Wesleyan with their ever-warming glowing warm glow. Come on down. It’s going to be a krilly good time. And it’s free.


Lands & Peoples / Secret Mountains @ WestCo

“Forget Marty McFly and the DeLorean. Put on your headphones and Baltimore’s Lands & Peoples will take you to the future themselves.”

Tonight, Wesleying’s unofficial fall concert series continues in style at WestCo Café with Lands & Peoples and Secret Mountains, “two unsung heroes of Baltimore’s thriving new music scene.” This is sure to be an intriguing and sufficiently psychedelic double-booking. Plus, it’s the Café’s first major concert of the year. Basically, you should go.

Fun at Long Lane Farm this weekend! (Come farm!)

Wesleyan’s very own, student-run organic farm is having open work hours this Saturday (and every Saturday!) from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  Come learn about the farm, dig some vegetable beds, pick some tomatoes, and enjoy the outdoors with some really cool people!

  • Date: Every Saturday
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Place: Long Lane Farm (walk down Church, past the athletic center, past the athletic fields, and the farm will be on your right)

ContraDance Dinner/Party, also Swing&Blues After-Party TONIGHT!

There was just no way I could have made the header of this post more convoluted. I mean, it’s not Stanley Kubrick convoluted, but it’s the kind of convoluted that if read with a hangover would trigger a gag reflex, which would eventually lead to discharge, which would eventually lead to a banal conversation in Usdan.

Anyway, Anonymous ’25 writes in:

The first contra dance of the year is THIS FRIDAY, 9/23, from 8-11pm, in Beckham Hall!

There will be LIVE MUSIC by Rebecca McCallum, Emily Troll ’10, Mary Cay Brass, and Roger Kahle, and calling by Adina Gordon.

Every dance will be taught, so if you’re a total beginner, there’s nothing to worry about!


get your WesTech on with SAAC!

Yo, so in case you hadn’t heard, Wesleyan Athletes are tearing it up this Fall. It’s not a big deal. Okay, maybe it is a big deal. Or maybe I just need to chill out on stalking the Wesleyan Athletics homepage. Awkward.. Either way, y’all should duck out of Olin or rise from the death of your hangover this Saturday to go support the various teams around campus who will be playing home games, including Field Hockey, Men and Women’s Soccer, Men and Women’s Cross Country, and, last but certainly not least, Football. And be sure to congratulate (read: embarrass) the following superstars when you see them around campus for really staying on top of their game this season: Laura Kurash ’13, Adam Purdy ’13, Grace Smith ’14, Lauren Jacobs ’15, and Tori Redding ’13.

Not to mention that Kaylin Berger ’13 would also like to help you stay updated on all athletic contests and information and awards on the Wesleyan Athletics – SAAC facebook page. So, SAAC up and join it now. Your support and participation would really mean a lot to your fellow students. WesTech, it’s where it’s at.

P.s. SAAC stands for Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.