get your WesTech on with SAAC!

Yo, so in case you hadn’t heard, Wesleyan Athletes are tearing it up this Fall. It’s not a big deal. Okay, maybe it is a big deal. Or maybe I just need to chill out on stalking the Wesleyan Athletics homepage. Awkward.. Either way, y’all should duck out of Olin or rise from the death of your hangover this Saturday to go support the various teams around campus who will be playing home games, including Field Hockey, Men and Women’s Soccer, Men and Women’s Cross Country, and, last but certainly not least, Football. And be sure to congratulate (read: embarrass) the following superstars when you see them around campus for really staying on top of their game this season: Laura Kurash ’13, Adam Purdy ’13, Grace Smith ’14, Lauren Jacobs ’15, and Tori Redding ’13.

Not to mention that Kaylin Berger ’13 would also like to help you stay updated on all athletic contests and information and awards on the Wesleyan Athletics – SAAC facebook page. So, SAAC up and join it now. Your support and participation would really mean a lot to your fellow students. WesTech, it’s where it’s at.

P.s. SAAC stands for Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

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