Lands & Peoples / Secret Mountains @ WestCo

“Forget Marty McFly and the DeLorean. Put on your headphones and Baltimore’s Lands & Peoples will take you to the future themselves.”

Tonight, Wesleying’s unofficial fall concert series continues in style at WestCo Café with Lands & Peoples and Secret Mountains, “two unsung heroes of Baltimore’s thriving new music scene.” This is sure to be an intriguing and sufficiently psychedelic double-booking. Plus, it’s the Café’s first major concert of the year. Basically, you should go.

Some brief description of the acts from our fall music preview:

Lands & Peoples performs a particularly delirious brand of slow, dense, swirling synth-pop with more sonic texture than you can shake a moog at.  Secret Mountains captures a far earthier, more rocking-er sort of psychedelia, with excellent female vocals to boot. Both are from Baltimore. Neither has a Wikipedia.

And more, via Aural Wes’s event page:

Lands & Peoples, from Everybody Taste:

“It was like being transported to some sort of sonic world with fields of reverb-drenched guitars, swirling synthesizers, and a voice often floating around on waves of harmony. Forget Marty McFly and the DeLorean; put on your headphones and Baltimore’s Lands & Peoples will take you to the future themselves. Yes, it’s that good.” Bandcamp

Secret Mountains, close friends of the headliner, from an I Guess I’m Floating feature:

Baltimore based Secret Mountains create haunting psychedelic rock timeless in composition but most comfortable in an era since passed. The group have a new EP releasing via Friends Records this Fall that’ll be a limited run of 100 cassette tapes. The new EP, titled Rejoice, combines spacey guitars and haunting female vocals with an Americana background containing traces of banjo and even slide guitar. Myspace

Date: Tonight, 9/23
Place: WestCo Café
Time: doors open 9:00 pm
Cost: nope
Bacefook: at least event pages still look this same

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