WeSLAM Workshop!

Dear Poet ’12 / ’13 / ’14 / ’15:

Tomorrow (Saturday), from 1:30-3:30, on the top floor of Allbritton (same spot as last Sunday’s general interest meeting), we will be hosting a Slam Workshop!!!

What’s a Slam Workshop? Thanks for asking! The slam workshop will be an open forum for you to bring in any work you’ve got, polished or unpolished, that you’re considering using in a slam setting. A lot of it will be guided by what you, the people, are interested in doing, but on the big picture level we’ll be messing around with both the writing and performance of your poems, working to take them to that next level, and bring out all the dope-ass-awesomeness that might be hiding just below the surface. More after the jump!

Again, this is open to anyone, regardless of experience. Never slammed before? Come! Been spitting since you came out of the womb? Come! Not sure you’re gonna slam, but you’re interested in seeing what this whole “poetry” thing is about? COME!!!

There are no sign ups for this, so if you’re interested, just come through with a poem, or pieces of a poem, or a dope line, or something you’re interested in working on, and we’ll go from there. Also, as this will be a place to flesh out creative thoughts and ideas, there will be no judgment from anybody, so don’t be afraid to share your soul.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your Friday night. See you soon. :)

Much love,
  • WHEN?: Saturday (TOMORROW) from 1:30 to 3:30 post meridiem
  • WHERE?: Top of the Rock (Allbritton)
  • HOW DO I REACH THE TOP?: Stairs (the elevator is so slow that you are likely to miss a good chunk of the workshop). Try skipping every other step on your way up; it is a great way to improve your quads, and it’ll help assimilate you into the Wes student body! Bonus points for doing the same thing on your way back down.
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