If you were one of the six people who voted this as the hardest change to adjust to, have no fear! WesWELL director Tanya Purdy left us this helpful memo to keep you informed!

The Davison Health Center, located at 327 High Street (between Malcolm X House and the art library), houses three related but distinct offices, all dedicated to your bright eyed and bushy tailed well being.

Located by the side of Davison closest to the CFA, Health Services provides confidential medical care for illness, injury, well visits, travel consults, sexual health, and more. There is no charge to visit a provider, although other fees may apply. Health Services also administers the student insurance plan and can answer questions about billing to your private insurance. For an appointment, call 860-685-2470.

Counseling and Psychological Services offers confidential, comprehensive mental and emotional health support in individual and group settings. Formerly known as the Office of Behavioral Heath for Students (OBHS), the office changed their name to better reflect the services they provide to students. They are located on the second floor of the Davison Health Center, and there is no charge for their serves. To make an appointment, you may reach them at 860-685-2910. For some answers to frequently asked questions regarding their policies and practices, look here.

You may know WesWELL, the Office of Health Education, as the place to pick up condoms and other safer sex supplies. However, it offers so much more than that! Formerly up the stairs and around the corner and then around another corner, they have since moved to the first floor of Davison, on the side right by Malcolm X House. In addition to the Peer Health Advocates office (you can become one by applying here), it houses its very own library of books on topics such as queer issues, sex/sexuality (we just got some great books on kink and SM practices), nutrition and fitness, and so on. You can also pick up sheets and pamphlets on information ranging from body modications to sexual health and contraception to managing stress to dietary and nutritonal facts. To check it out, just drop in the office anytime during it’s hours! To contact them, call 860-685-2466 or shoot an email to weswell [at] wesleyan [dot] edu.

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