Freshman Writing Contest: Extended Deadline!

A note about the Freshman Writing Contest from the Ford Fellows:

Dear Class of 2015 Writers,

Allow us to remind you why YOU should submit to The Freshman Writing Contest:

*Winner(s) will be published on the Wesleyan Writing Blog (everyone’s first stop for all things Wes Writing-related; in other words, amazing exposure for your work!) If you win, you get to say you’ve been published, that you’ve won a writing contest.. and that’s nothing to sneeze at! 

*Winner(s) will receive a $20 gift certificate to! (You could put your winnings toward this or this orthis!)

*That’s right, we said “winner(s).” More than one awesome entry? More than one winner!

*We welcome creative and critical work! The point is: show us your stuff! Do you write awesome poetry? Write a poem about Fukushima, or a poem with lines that begin “American power is…” Use one of Mitch Epstein’s photos to inspire you – heck, write about one of his photos! Write journalism, a personal essay, an imagined dystopia; write about blackouts, about space travel, about nuclear waste…

*You know how we said you have to cite the First Year Matters readings? Don’t worry about it! Just write something!

*Professors read our blog. Students read our blog. Wesleyan librarians read our blog. Parents read our blog. Alumni read our blog. We bet even Michael Roth reads our blog. You want your work on our blog!!

*Last but not least: we extended the deadline! You have all weekend to write 1,000 words (give or take) about energy. Energy.. feel free to interpret that broad topic however you please. Just get writing!

Email your submission as an attachment to by noon on Tuesday, Sept. 27. Email us with questions, too!

We look forward to reading your work!

Anya Backlund ’11 & Katherine Mechling ’11
Ford Fellows in the Writing Programs

Deadline: noon on Tuesday, Sept. 27th

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