Dylan and Derek Watch Wes Pacific

Last week I posted about Wes Pacific, a new web series by Will Feinstein ’13, and the explosion of Wesleyan-based web series over the past two years. Naturally, the cycle is far from complete.

Derek Frank ’15 and Dylan Awalt-Conley ’15 write in about a new video project yearning to get off the ground: Dylan and Derek Watch Wes Pacific, which mostly consists of Derek and Dylan watching Wes Pacific while eating Tostitos tortilla chips in what appears to be a Butts single. You’ve been warned.

Worth noting: YouTube videos of people watching YouTube videos have a long and storied, if admittedly baffling, history at this point, dating back as least to when the Roots sat down in front of 2 Girls 1 Cup. More recently, I came across the ‘tube channel of one Martin Kohout, a somber-faced German artist who has uploaded no less than 817 videos of himself watching other prominent YouTube videos. Below you’ll see Kohout’s reaction to Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers” video.

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20 thoughts on “Dylan and Derek Watch Wes Pacific

  1. cathy bardsley

    I frankly don’t like this video at all. I think it’s stupid and both the young men involved should spend there time in a better manner. 

  2. ba$eball_freak

    lol lol lololollol hahahaha I think this is just great but 

    which ones dlyan and which ones derrick????? 

  3. Mrs. Deborah Susans

    Wow zach nice post! Your Writing has improve a ton ever since you took that summer workshop! REmember the key rules: “i before e except after c,” and always capitalize the first letter in a sentence. 

  4. curious_kaitlyn1994

    I thought the video was nice, but instead of a comedy I thought it was a drama. Is that okay? 

    1. bryce tingzer

      Caitlin, I was thinking the same thing. I only laughed when I saw the credits twice (just a gag probably) but the beginning part was very serious because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. The suspense went away when the boys decided to stop watching the TV show. It’s a great plot with fun characters and a twist. Keep it up boys!!

  5. bruce tingzer

    this is not a message about derek/dylan’s webseries but instead about zach’s blog report.

    zach, I thought your blog write-up was well done with a lot of good word choice and sentences. I do think next time you should use strong opening sentences for your paragraphs and use less big pictures. 



    1. kirk douglas

      yeah you don’t even haf to watch the video just wait for the song called more than afeelin at the end

  6. Brenden Brottz Jr.

    Dear Derek and Dylan, 

    I am so excited for the next webseries video-episode of the classic Derek and Dylan Watch The Wes Pacific. Also I want to thank Zach for the great blogger-post all about youtube, video, and watching youtube.

    – Brenden Brottz

    1. steve wonder

      exactly. classic comedy the way the greats would do it. RIP rich pryer, george karlin, lenny bruce, the class acts

  7. science_nerd_physicsRULES_jkjk

    good news I just told my friends to watch this webseries they’re going to laugh so hard

    love the work derk and david

  8. sk8boi2000

    holy smokes subscribe me up for this web series i’m sure derek and dylan are gonna be at the emmy’s this year

  9. wesleyan student

    wow that was great I cant weight 4 the next episode of the webvideo youtube hit series derek and dylan watch wes pacific it’s gonna be a blast!!!!!!

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