FREE Zumba Fitness® Class — 4 p.m. today!


REAL QUICK, cool cat Hannah Monk ’12 writes in:

Zumba Fitness® is a Latin-inspired dance fitness program that includes 27 national and international rhythms. The music includes everything from Reggaeton to Salsa to the Top 20 hits you secretly dance to in your car.

Now is the time to stop hiding your dancing. The creator of Zumba®, Beto Perez, once said, “I don’t want people to feel the burn, I want people the feel the music”. Zumba® is a workout disguised as a dance party. It’s about having a good time while simultaneously burning calories (anywhere between 500-900 an hour!) and strengthening muscles.

My class accommodates all fitness levels and all dancing abilities. This is YOUR workout (or party if you choose to call it that).  *This is a weekly Wexercise class*

(There will be a lot of people, so you might want to come a few minutes early to fill out forms).

You’ve got nothing to lose, so come shake it with us!

For questions or more information, write Hannah at hmonk(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.  She’s awesome.

Time: 4 – 5 in the p.m.
Place: Fayerweather Theater Room (next to Usdan, the Beckham Hall building)
Facebook: Here

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