Peace Museum EP Out Today

Peace Museum (formally known as Apache Kid) has just released its latest EP, January Jones. The band, composed of Gil Sunshine and Casey Feldman (both ’12) as well as Daniel Quinn and Brendan Picone, has evolved considerably since its initial releases. In addition to its new name, Peace Museum’s sound has gradually progressed from less “bleep bloops” to a more analogue, punk aesthetic.

Lead single “Janurary Jones” (named after the Mad Men star of dubious ability yet undeniable beauty) is perhaps the best representation of this evolution.

It also should be addressed (as it is immediately apparent) that the production from Wes alum Jake Aron ’08 sounds unusually crisp and professional compared to most on-campus bands.

Catch Peace Museum this Saturday at Eclectic with Fort Lean and the Parents (more on that l8r).

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3 thoughts on “Peace Museum EP Out Today

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  2. cribbles

    dude, january jones doesn’t have dubious ability. she’s a great actress, she just plays a character that’s hard to like because she’s so ill at ease and resentful

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