Pointless Tuesday distraction: some anonymous tipster sent in this nuts time-lapse video of a mega-ginormous pumpkin currently growing in Broad Brook, Connecticut, just a little ways north of our own Middletown. The pumpkin’s owner, Ken Desrosiers, captured its two-and-a-half months of growth via time-lapse photography.

The 1,487-pound monster is officially the biggest pumpkin in Connecticut history. WHOAH. The video kind of looks like some mutant round baby creature emerging from the earth in a low budget 1960s Japanese horror movie.

Side note: if you want to learn all about the thriving underground community of giant pumpkin- and squash-growers, check out this “interactive web site to the giant pumpkin growing community.” I have gathered that the adjective “giant” here modifies the noun “pumpkin.” Not “community.”


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