Wesleyan Jiu-Jistu

From Justin Peña ’12:

Jiu-jitsu? You want to learn…jiu-jitsu? Then join us tonight in welcoming Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor Chris Wright-Martell for an evening of hyper-extended awesomeness! Jiu-jitsu is a submission-based grappling martial art that relies heavily on holds, positioning, joint locks, and chokes in order to subdue an opponent. Ideally meant to negate size difference, jiu-jitsu is a useful and effective martial art and sport for all. The Wesleyan Jiu-jitsu Club creates a laid-back, welcoming atmosphere for those interested in the art itself, looking for a unique workout, or those simply wanting to unwind while casually hyper-extending a friend’s shoulder with hir’s legs (yes, we can teach you how to do that). No experience necessary!

Chris Wright-Martell runs the Modern Self-Defense down the road. He has extensive experience with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, as well as other martial arts, and has provided us clear, precise instruction for the past two years. Check out his profile here.

Attire: athletic clothing (e.g. shorts and t-shirt)

Feel free to email us at wesjujitsu[at]gmail[dot]com. See you there!

Date: Sept. 27
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Freeman Athletic Center Multipurpose Room (wrestling mats)
Cost: $0

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