Apply for Student Financial Aid Coordinator

The WSA is now seeking applicants from the greater community for the position of Student Financial Aid Coordinator.

This student should be prepared to commit a considerable amount of time to leading the WSA’s Financial Aid operation. Since Financial Aid is a top WSA priority, we are seeking particularly dedicated and responsible applicants with an interest in Wesleyan’s financial aid system and an awareness of student concerns regarding financial aid. The coordinator should be able to attend at least one meeting a week, chair the WSA financial aid ad-hoc committee, conduct outreach and research, and work closely with the WSA President, WSA Finance and Facilities Chair and Director of Financial Aid.

If you are interested, please send a brief statement (less than 500 words) to by Friday, September 30 that addresses the following questions:

  1. Your name, class year, and e-mail address
  2. Why are you interested? What qualities would you bring to your position?
  3. What experiences do you have related to financial aid at Wesleyan?
  4. What relevant past leadership experience do you have (if any) and how would it help you be effective?
  5. Do you have any specific ideas to improve the financial aid process or the way the financial aid office interacts with students?
  6. What other student groups, athletic teams, or jobs will you be involved with this year?

You must also sign up for an interview in the WSA office (Usdan) by Friday at 6 pm. A sign up sheet will be available in the office starting tomorrow morning. Interviews will be conducted on Saturday and Sunday. If this time does not work for you and you still wish to apply, notify the WSA by email.

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