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Ever had one of those nights?

It’s cold, you’ve been working for hours, and you decide to move your ass over to Weshop because a) you can’t stare at those squiggles in your book any longer, c) Victor Butterfield’s painting is beginning to look like this, c) you may or may not be hungry, and d) maybe that girl who may or may not know you exist is working the counter tonight and maybe you could stare at her from frozen food section until Chuck and/or Gary throws you out….

Anyway. The point is: there comes a moment sometime during the semester where you finally catch yourself as you walk out of Weshop on one of those runs, and really, really ask yourself “What the hell did I get that vegan bean burrito for?” And then you realize that, for the past oh-I-don’t-know-how-many nights, you’ve been getting that damn thing over and over again (and it haunts your dreams like friggin’ Cher) and now you don’t even know if you’re going to have enough points for the rest of the semester and now you’re going to have to sidewalk your booty for a buck.

Well, Senor Jeff Rubergy ’12 has a temporary solution to your permanent problem. He’s written up a very simple program that allows you to figure out how many points you’ve been spending per day, and how many of your remaining points can be divided across the days you have left. It’s nifty, it’s simple, and it’s linked up to the awesome WesFoods website.

Of course, you could always do the calculation by yourself. But then again, fuck it. Click here for the calculator.

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