Desperate Caffeine Addict Seeks Fix

Some anonymous disgruntled Espwesso-chiller has been sending this to our tipbox over and over this week. Ze’s getting pretty desperate, and at this point we may as well seek some answers:

The coffee vending machine previously located outside of espwesso has been MOVED! Please post something so people can tell me where it has been moved to. It was my lifeline the first two weeks of school!

Any leads? I have none, but I’m reminded of this.

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4 thoughts on “Desperate Caffeine Addict Seeks Fix

  1. Goo

    that onion piece is actually a true thing though- I know it is making fun of addiction stories but everything they are saying about caffeine is true …..

  2. Ayn Rand

    My cat didn’t like the way it looked at her, so she made me chop it up with an axe and put it into Espwesso’s drip coffee.

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