Submit a Wespeak!

Abby Francis ’14 writes in, attaches highly questionable picture to sound out her message:

Submit a WesSpeak!
Got something to say? Say it in the Argus! FO’ FREE!
Rants, letters, notices, and all kinds of messages are welcome.
If you want to say it, why not ‘Speak it?

P.S. $100 to the first student to outnumber Martin Benjamin in WesSpeaks.
P.P.S. Just kidding

Do so on the Brand Spanking New Argus Website.

At this point, I would also like to chip in and say that writing a WesSpeak is one of the many pretty good ways to break through your personal bubble and get engaged with the slightly bigger bubble that is the Wesleyan Community. Of course, there is the definite tendency (especially on this campus) to think that it’s not all that much and it’s all so very stupid/pointless – after all, all you’re doing is conveying a message, not mobilizing the global proletariat – but IMHO, to embrace that kind of thinking is to shoot yourself in the leg before even getting out of bed. In other words, that’s stupid talk.

Something bothering you? Something you want to get out there? Want to walk this earth for the rest of your life knowing that at least one other person knows of the existence of a thought you’ve been having in your head all this time? Go, write a WesSpeak, and if you’re afraid of getting your name in print, you can send it to us here at Wesleying. (There are pros and cons to both mediums)

Aight, peace out bittchessss

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